Project History

This school was introduced, initiated and founded by Mrs. Nargis Khanum Yaqub who was brought up in this beautiful but backward area and was fully aware of the plight of female education, modern as well as religious.

Equipped with modern and Islamic knowledge, she planned to benefit the female population of her native place who were most deserving and took the following steps:

  • Started summer course with her other companions after college time at women college Abbaspur with the permission of the principal on June 2003 as there was no other accommodation available.
  • On withdrawal of permission to hold classes at college premises, alternate arrangements were made to continue this mission with the help of sympathetic people. At this stage no funds were available even for renting any accommodation.
  • In 2004, the (late) father of Mrs. Nargis Khanum donated a plot in Abbaspur town for this school and in 2005 after the terrible Earthquake in Northern Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, philanthropist organization provided shelters to homeless people and they were kind enough to provide 2 shelters for this Girls School. The shelters were installed on the donated land in 2006 and as such the school got its existence and it so became possible to start classes in these shelters.
  • The program is to impart free education to enlighten the women folk in this backward and ignored area in respect with modern as well as religious aspects of knowledge. The modern courses will be English, Computer, Sewing & Knitting. Religious courses will be Quran Nazra (with meaning), Tagweed, Tafseer, Hadees and Fiqh. This program can only be carried out by continued help of donors. It is therefore appealed to people in and out of Pakistan to help this program in the name of Allah Almighty for his Mercy and Blessings.
  • At the moment classes are held in two shifts, Adult women and girls in the morning shift and small children in the afternoon shift. Since there are only two rooms available for classes and moreover the cold season is awfully unbearable for the children in this cold region, in this situation proper building was necessary. With the help of friends' donation another plot was acquired in the above said town. Building map of the School was prepared and the ground floor structure (as viewed in exhibits) was raised. The available funds have been exhausted and it can't go further to complete the building, provide Furniture and Fixtures necessary to run this institution according to program unless donations for building, its necessities as well as for its operation and continuous running are received from those who serve the Noble cause for the benefit of the deprived and deserving human beings in backward and ignored regions of the world.
  • Mrs. Nargis Khanum Yaqub appeal to the people and organizations to help and support her to forward and establish this human cause for the betterment of the ignored humanity.